Corporate Education

Transcontinental University’s Corporate Education Program provides a customized development program that empowers and transforms.

Corporate Education at Transcontinental University

With its core competence and expertise in educational psychology, the Transcontinental University endeavors to help organizations maximize employee learning opportunities by addressing some of the most challenging aspects to learning within the workplace: the lack of time and systems to effectively recall and apply newly learned content once learning sessions end.

Regardless of the training content, a partnership with the Transcontinental will ensure maximized learning for your employees that fosters significantly higher recall and application capabilities. We guarantee the results through our psychometric assessments as long as participants maintain a 90% integrity score.

1) Unique Development Programs

Each of Transcontinental’s modules is based on latest research, theories and most importantly, on practical experiences of global experts. Depending on the needs of your organization, any one or more of our academic modules can be tailored and designed for your company as a strategic intervention to address an identified challenge based on the findings of our systemic organizational analysis conducted by a team of experts. Our learning processes, infused into real world problems, creates profound solutions that are sustainable and systemic aimed at providing the empowerment necessary for your leaders to create systemic solutions, rather than temporary band aids. Find out more about our customizable programs.

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Some examples of past customized programs:

Strategic Corporate GovernanceMastering the systemic nature of human relationships
Human Capital LeadershipTransforming HR functions into powerful processes that drive innovation in a post-pandemic workplace
Transformational Executive RetreatRevising strategic planning processes to thrive after a global pandemic
Creating a Profound Ethical Organization5 ways to drive the highest ethical practices among employees
Designing Innovation3 keys to unleashing the creative potential in each employee, pivoting points for a post-pandemic environment
Achieving Sustained SuccessUnderstanding the traps of latent measures within traditional performance management and designing a learning organization
Developing Core Competencies in Online EducationDeveloping the foundational skills necessary for effective teaching online and maximizing learning
Keys to Effective Succession PlanningDesigning organizational systems to ensure the right people have the skills and intelligence to lead your organization to its fullest potential
Enhancing Employee Motivation Through a Pandemic and BeyondThe pandemic has caused immense impact to everyone, especially on a psychological level. In addition to dealing with their own needs, leaders are faced with insurmountable pressures to motivate employees and keep them functional. This requires many new leadership skills and systems. This workshop goes well beyond the typical tactics of management.
Maximizing Productivity in the Post Pandemic WorkplaceProductivity in most companies have ample room for advancement. Especially after the pandemic, leaders have realized the potential of holding people accountable to output, rather than manage them by time in the office. This course is led by organizational psychologists who are masters of productivity from a human systems perspective.

Note: These development interventions are never delivered as generic content given to multiple clients. Within our development philosophy and unforgettable educational model, we always customize a unique intervention to your organization with measurable results.

2) Executive MBA As A Collective Wisdom

Imagine an employee development initiative that allows your managers to be enrolled together in the same Executive MBA program, at your location of choice, with unique access to the knowledge base and practicum of global experts to solve your organization’s most challenging problems, enabling your employees to strategically implement practical and innovative ideas into your workplace with measurable results. Transcontinental University has developed an approach to corporate education that is focused on fostering a coordinated effort to developing your employees which is in line with your company’s bottom-line while enhancing employee engagement and loyalty.

Transcontinental’s education model is framed around your business to not only to create solutions on paper, but to implement them efficiently and effectively. Especially in an increasingly complex workplace, the psychology of employees have changed drastically. You need leaders who have the following:

  • Higher emotional intelligence to motivate employees away from worries of the pandemic
  • Ability to think systemically and enhance existing processes and systems
  • A mentality of proactive strategies, not just be reactive waiting for a problem to happen

This is the first program of its kind!

Designed to help you LEAD in an increasingly complex environment.

Choose to empower your potential leaders with a program tailored for a group of managers simultaneously, delivered at your location and customized to your organizational needs. Contact us for more information on cost-effective development while achieving measurable results, GUARANTEED*!!!

*Guarantee is valid as long as participants maintain a 90% or higher integrity score.

Let’s start with a strategy session to get some new perspectives on your organizational challenges with one of our renowned global consultants.